Appreciation accrued over time

Rigorous, accretive asset management specialists.

Achernar believes in long-term investment strategies that yield high-quality, sustainable returns. With its diverse portfolio across private and public equity, private and sovereign debt, and private real estate, Achernar appreciates the cumulative power of gradual value creation over time.


Achernar is poised to grow and develop a balanced and sustainable investment portfolio through patience, diligence and a dedication to strategies that yield high returns over time.

The firm prides itself on irrefutable professionalism and its commitment to achieving positive returns for shareholders and investors. Its researchers, portfolio managers and board of directors individually and collectively strive to identify and maximise the potential of risk-adjusted investment opportunities in the private and public space.


Built over multiple decades, Achernar’s global investment team applies a rigorous set of strategies to deliver sustainable, long-term growth for investors.

A dedicated research team – with a footprint on four continents – examines and identifies investment opportunities which are then brought to the attention of the firm’s portfolio managers and board of directors. A decision is made on each potential and actual investment informed by long-term, macro trends in the market.


Founded in the mid-nineties as a medium-sized private equity fund, Achernar has grown to become a fully-fledged accretive asset management specialist.

The firm expanded its operation at the turn of the century after achieving success in the private space, and entered the public markets, outgrowing its humble beginnings. Both privately and publicly, the firm applies the principles it was founded on to maximise shareholder value. Its legacy of creating wealth over time continues to today.


Consumer Sector

Spun Candy

Based in central London, an innovative bespoke producer of handmade hard rock candy and confectionery with a global network of retail outlets and customer base.

American Well

A telemedicine services platform for healthcare systems, payer plans, employers, and physicians, improving patient outcomes through mobile and web technology.

Opportunity Network

A digital-based solution that assists entrepreneurs and ultra-high net worth family businesses in finding investment opportunities for growth and development.

Oil & Gas

Georgian Oil Production Royalties

Significant hydrocarbon royalties in the Republic of Georgia tied to three of the most predominant oil and gas exploration and production companies in the region.

SouthWest Energy

A top ten oil and gas acreage holder in East Africa, including in Ethiopia’s largest proven hydrocarbon system, the Ogaden Basin.

Gulfsands Petroleum PLC

An independent oil & gas exploration and production company, incorporated in the United Kingdom, holding production sharing contracts in the Middle East.

Real Estate

Punta Loros

460 acres of fee-simple buildable pristine oceanfront land located on the closest beach to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose.

Sovereign Debt

Africa Alpha Partnerships

Achernar group subsidiaries hold significant economic interests in emerging market sovereign debt in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Equity Portfolio Of Listed Securities


Through a network of subsidiaries, Achernar’s portfolio of securities remains an active participant in U.S. and European equity markets. Its general mandate is to seize opportunities across multiple industry sectors and maintain maximum flexibility.

Private Mandates

Private Mandates

Achernar offers private mandates to high net-worth individuals by which funds are invested and managed according to rigorous, accretive strategies. Clients give the firm full discretion on how to invest their money to maximise returns.


Achernar’s group of directors are seasoned investment and legal professionals.

They utilize a systematic and highly selective sourcing process along with comprehensive due diligence to ensure investment strategies are followed.

Upon selection, Achernar further holds strong alignment between supervision and management in governance, with a focus on operational improvement throughout the life of an investment to maximise shareholder returns.

Achernar Assets AG complies with all Swiss anti-money laundering laws and is regulated under the supervision of the Supervisory Body of the Swiss Federation of Lawyers and of the Swiss Federation of Notaries, as administered by regulated members of its board of directors.

Achernar Assets AG has in excess of 70 shareholders and no one shareholder or group of shareholders, acting in concert, holds a controlling interest in the Company.


Achernar’s group treasury management is a single, centralised and wholly owned financing entity with extensive credit lines.

Its unique structure provides liquidity upstream and downstream, possessing the ability to add or remove in accordance with the demands and opportunities required by each investment.

The vehicle is designed to afford convenient, fast and efficient access to capital for the Achernar group of investments.


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