Achernar is a story of determination. We started from scratch and are building something meaningful for the future. We are committed to finding sustainable ideas, long-term philosophies, and future technologies that generate high quality returns for our shareholders.


Through patience, care, and a clear vision, Achernar managed to reinvent struggling businesses by turning them into consistently profitable companies looking to be future leaders in their respective fields.


With this in mind, we are committed to finding sustainable opportunities with real-life purpose, instead of prioritizing investments in industries that deliver today and take a toll on our collective future.

Our investments intend to ensure steady and impact driven growth for our long-term shareholders and to support the leaders devoted to making the world a better place.


We managed to build a solid Group that generates important earnings through gradual value creation, a carefully constructed strategic vision and an opportunistic investment approach. Central to all our investments is the goal to bring happiness to human beings and improve the well-being of our families.


Our Group companies that provide asset management services to their clients use conventional and alternative assets to create blended portfolios that encompass sustainable ideas, long-term philosophies, and future technologies: these include global brands that deliver joy and memorable experiences, companies at the forefront of medical research and innovation, art and heritage assets and, above all, holistic projects dedicated to improving our day to day lives.


Achernar is a committed and vocal ESG advocate, actively spreading the word about socially-responsible and sustainable values within entrepreneurship. Our lead-by-example philosophy identifies strategic investments aimed at improving whole industries and shaping our collective tomorrow.


Achernar Group’s financial service companies, supported by an extensive network of industry leading partners, are innovative asset managers with exemplary reputations, a sound investment vision and loyal client base.

Health is the new wealth is Achernar’s motto; we have therefore chosen well-being and human emotions to frame our investable universe. These are the fundamental elements humankind should build on to create a sustainable and healthy future, one where we create, love, and experience.

Global investment universe in numbers





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Expected global biotech market size in 2023.




Expected R&D spend in the medicine industry CAGR growth over 2019 – 2024.




Retail and institutional investors applying ESG principles to at least a quarter of their portfolios in 2019.





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Of the total US AUM are in sustainable investing.

Our methodic approach supports strategic opportunities and long-term trends that people will rely on to transform whole industries and shape our collective tomorrow.

As a result, traditional oil sector portfolio constituents of the Group have progressively been phased out and replaced by renewables. Brands make room for philosophies. We believe financial service companies are problem-solvers and enablers, instead of conservative behemoths. Real Estate Investments shift from office spaces to people’s dream destinations.

From dominant trends within the health and consumer goods sectors to fostering conscious ESG investing practices and preserving pristine places – Achernar’s investments have a purpose and deliver people’s prosperity.
The core of our Group companies’ value – tends to appreciate over time ensuring the group’s capital strength and its ability to withstand the many challenges that lay ahead.

Achernar’s approach is conscious and mindful of the existing social disparities. We make sure that, through their investment choices, our Group’s clients and our shareholders can take a stand and feel empowered supporting the global call for change. As an aspiring leader, we prioritize value over price and purpose over short-term profits, to create opportunities that power the global economy and positively transform communities.

We are convinced that entrepreneurship isn’t just numbers - it is a cause! This belief shapes our investment outlook through the lenses of sustainability and social responsibility. It has resulted into a Group, able to withstand risks and powerful enough to drive a change.