Foxbourne Holdings Ltd. supports the group with a sophisticated yet versatile treasury management solution.

Industry:Treasury Management

Foxbourne Holding manages the intragroup cash management function, optimizing the use of the Group’s financial resources and centralizing risk-taking, including any FX positioning at any point in time.


Foxbourne’s treasury function assesses and manage its holdings depending on the overall political situation of various countries, industries, and their underlying macroeconomic principles.

Our approach is based on taking positions in line with our predictions and forecasts for the outcome of global events.


By capitalizing on the dominant macroeconomic, consumers, and geopolitical trends, we ensure the efficient hedging of our portfolio against black-swan events and have proven to successfully navigate uncertainty.

Foxbourne’s treasury holdings are well-diversified and may include long and short positions in various equity, fixed-income, FX, commodity, cryptocurrency, and futures markets. We invest in our own funds and products to ensure the efficient management of risk exposure at a consolidated level.


The team manages the Group liquidity and treasury position in global markets and in the crypto space. Foxbourne also supports the Group’s subsidiaries and affiliates with promptly available cash resources so that the affiliates may respond quickly to opportunities available within the area they operate.


Treasury and investment function is not available to third parties.





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