People will always buy the things that bring them joy. Infusive™ invests in the brands that make people happy—the ones they buy again and again.

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Infusive™ is a unique independent investment manager deploying a time-tested strategy with offices in New York and London.


Infusive™ manages an investment strategy designed to capture the long-term compounding power of global companies that offer products and services which elicit pleasure, joy and happiness within the individual.


At the heart of the strategy sits a deep understanding of people’s behavioral consumption patterns and repeat purchases of certain products (e.g. coffee, beer, chocolate) over decades: Consumer Alpha™.


We consider the proposition to be unique: A pleasure focused strategy, unlike traditional consumer alternatives, allows us to invest across sectors (staples, discretionary and digital), price points (from luxury to everyday items), and regions that gives the fund a truly global exposure.


Individuals prefer products and services that elicit joy and make them happy. This theory of emotionally-driven consumption is led by deep-rooted, immutable human impulses and desires that are backed by science.


This dynamic creates inelastic and consistent demand, and ultimately, provides pricing power and steady profit growth for the companies.


Infusive™ believes that the consumer’s preferences will ultimately drive the portfolio’s long term investment returns. The vote of confidence of the consumer is the key driver of success.


Infusive™ thinks consumer preferences can be determined by understanding daily routines and spending decisions, both in terms of disposable income and time. This understanding of consumer behavior as part of the investment process allows Infusive™ to identify an ideal global individual and their tastes and preferences. Infusive’s Consumer Alpha Investable Universe represents that global basket of products and services that they like and love.

Future Trends and Market Opportunities


The world’s largest cities are evolving and developing their socio-economic footprints. These shifts are expected to result in higher GDP, more consumer spending, and a greater number of high-income households. We expect these shifts to benefit our Consumer Alpha™ strategy.

Change in the world’s 750 biggest cities in 2030


Billion people, 35% of global population


Trillion dollars of consumer spending, 55% of global total


Million high-income households, 60% of global total

Change in the world’s 750 biggest cities from today


Trillion dollar increase in GDP


Million more middle-income households


Trillion dollars of extra spending on vehicles and eating out


Million more inhabitants


Million more jobs


Trillion dollar increase in over all consumer spending



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