Punta Loros

We recognize that safeguarding our planet and its flora and fauna is the key to our existence and peaceful progress.

Industry: Nature / Heritage Preservation

Remaining faithful to its principles, Achernar purchases and sells – to likeminded investors -properties in pristine places that inevitably allow their visitors to become emotionally entwined with the beauty and complexity of their ecosystem.


Achernar Group’s real estate assets – at the moment – comprises 460 acres of oceanfront land located on the closest beach to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose.


The rich heritage of Punta Loros dates back to 1564. Today, it blends history with future. Costa Rica is considered the ‘Switzerland’ of Central America and is the safest and most visited country in the region. It hosts 5% of the world’s biodiversity, five active volcanoes, and has environmentally protected 25% of its territory. The country is an ecotourism pioneer and has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2021.


Its namesake, Punta Loros, or Parrot Point, is well deserved with countless Scarlet and Green Macaws that flourish on its coastal cliffs. With its magnificent coastline, lush valleys, hidden grottos, and natural mangrove borders, the property is a well-known gem by the local population.


It is located minutes away from many of Costa Rica’s natural wonders, including wildlife reserves, charming parks, and rainforests, further contributing to its unique character.