Today, we have the unique opportunity to successfully blend entrepreneurship with purpose.
As a result, Achernar’s Group is shaped through a rigorous sustainability framework to identify the opportunities that will guide us through the new century.





Achernar believes organizations nowadays should be impact-driven and conscious in their business approach. Our hearts and minds are all about making people’s lives better and actively contributing to a sustainable future.


Through our actions, we want to encourage businesses and individuals to stand up for causes they care about because only together can we use today to shape a better tomorrow.


We constantly monitor the progress of responsible investing’s most pressing issues to stay in line with our commitments and fulfill our responsibility to our Group’s clients shareholders, and communities.


Achernar manages its Group to ensure the long-term sustainable success of its ethical stance and to promote shared values.


The Board and its directors are engaged with the development and coordination of the ESG strategic guidelines, investment roadmap and strategy for the entire Group.


Achernar participates in the United Nations Global Compact initiative and honors its commitment to promote a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable global economy, respectful of human and labor rights, capable of protecting the environment, and actively involved in every aspect of business integrity.



Achernar’s Group and each new constituent are analyzed in a matrix based on the sustainable development goals (SDG):


Achernar Group companies and underlying investments are categorized for sustainability under several approaches:



A selection of the most sustainable companies and the leaders across the sectors of investment interest.


Companies or industries that don’t meet minimum sustainability standards can no longer be a part of the Achernar Group.

Full Integration

Factoring ESG considerations into corporate investment and decision-making processes to mitigate risks and enhance returns.


Companies or investments focused on a single specific sustainability theme (for example, gender equality or clean energy).


The Achernar Group companies are committed to achieving at least seven different SDGs (11 in 2020 vs. 10 in 2019). As a holding company, we meet 2 SDGs each year.


The Achernar Group donates a portion of its revenues to various NGOs and charities that conduct exclusively volunteer work where we can make a difference. We aspire to constantly engage responsible shareholders and believe in sharing ideas with other change-makers to help create a positive cycle.


We at Achernar Assets AG are guided by the principles of the “Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance” as the standard of modern corporate governance.


We rely on value-oriented and responsible management and control of the Achernar Assets AG Group, which is the basis for a sustainable increase in Company value.

The framework for this is provided by Swiss law, the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance, the Company’s Articles of Association, the Rules of Procedure for the Company’s administrative bodies, the collective Group policies and internal guidelines.


Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance